Embassy garden, DorobanĊ£i area
• Description

The building of the embassy was designed by arh. Gheorghe Simotta, famous due to the projects he did for the Patriarchal Palace (1929-1931), the church of the Darvari monastery and a great deal of houses in Bucharest. The neo-romanian style can be easily recognized and our challenge was to set up a garden that would grow naturally around and would allow the elegant building to be easily admired.

One of our principles, in which we strongly believe, is to maintain all the plants and trees that are already living in the space which we arrange. Nothing has to be taken out or cut. Each tree or plant plays its own role and can easily become friends with new trees or plants that come to beautify the place according to the client's desires. If consistent reasons arise to move a tree - as it was the case of the embassy - then we live a real replanting adventure.

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